Senior Assisted Transportation Program

About LHHSA’s Senior Assisted Transportation Program:

LHHSA is a proud founding member of Drive Happiness™ and we offer our senior assisted transportation program to our eligible members under  Drive Happiness™.

The senior assisted transportation service is provided to eligible members from volunteer drivers. All volunteer driver candidates are screened for vulnerable security clearance, a well maintained vehicle, and a clean driving abstract before they are accepted as Volunteers for LHHSA.


A big part of LHHSA’s core operations are providing transportation services to seniors (65+);  residing in Edmonton, in need of transportation services due to limited income, mobility and other health related issues.

Specifically, according to the Drive Happiness™ Standard Operating Terms and LHHSA Association Bylaws, applicants are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Applicants need to be 65+;
  • Applicants need to reside in Edmonton;
  • Applicants need to be sufficiently mobile such that they can enter and exit vehicles on their own cognizant; however need to have personal challenges that restrict them from utilizing other forms of transportation such as ETS, DATS, etc.;
  • Applicants need to meet an income criterion that portrays need;
  • Applicants cannot feasibly utilize or afford other forms of transportation.

How the Senior Assisted Transportation Program operates:

Volunteer drivers take members to various appointments like medical appointments, shopping, banking, programming and etc.,

The member requiring the ride buys tickets for $8.00 each from LHHSA office. Each ticket entitles the member to one-and-one-half hours’ assistance. Time over this requires another ticket.

Tickets may be requested by mail, phone, or in person at the office. Volunteer drivers do not book rides, sell tickets nor take money.

If assistance is needed with a walker, oxygen, poor eyesight, etc. please let the office know this. Our cars are not equipped for wheelchairs. Members needing Handicapped Parking are urged to have their own placard. Please note: Parking fees are the responsibility of the passenger.

Rides should be booked THREE FULL BUSINESS DAYS in advance by phoning 780-424-5438, giving your name, phone number, address, as well as the appointment time, return time, destination (full address, postal code and phone number) and estimated length of the appointment. Our office hours are from 11AM to 3PM daily except Saturday and Sunday and all holidays.

When a volunteer driver is found, the volunteer driver will call the member requesting the ride up to 24 hours before their appointment in order to confirm the appointment with the and to set up a pick-up time.

If LHHSA’s office cannot find a volunteer driver, the member requesting the ride will be phoned 24 hours prior to their appointment; and informed so that the member can make other travel arrangements. The volunteer driver will phone the member the night before to confirm time and place of appointment. If the member booking the ride must cancel, please contact the LHHSA office as soon as possible. The volunteer driver will then be contacted with the cancellation. Volunteer drivers do not book rides. This must be done through the LHHSA office (780-424-5438).

Please check out our Membership Transportation Protocols for more details.

If you are interested in submitting a membership application for this program please visit our Membership page for more details.